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Development goals

Development goals

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  Vision of development goals for the next three years:
  2014-2016 policy: lay the foundation, adjust the structure and establish the brand
  Lay a good foundation -- lay a good foundation of technology, production, quality, marketing, cost, talent and so on
  Adjust the structure of——
  ○ Adjust the organizational structure, simplify the management process and adjust the organization according to the needs of operation and production.
  ○ Adjust product structure, to high-end, scale, integration development.
  ○ We will adjust the market structure, vigorously expand the market, and develop military, energy (wind, hydro, coal, etc.), construction machinery and special equipment
  ○ We will adjust the structure of posts and personnel, strictly control the total number of effective personnel on the job, adhere to the principle of "no entry, no exit", shift reform to the forefront of production, and recruit front-line production and technical and marketing personnel.
  Set up the brand——
  ○ Set up enterprise brand (integrity, pragmatic), product brand (military products out of quality, civilian products do brand). Make strong and precise plunger pump/motor, cylinder, hydraulic system and other products.
  To build a military and civilian integration of high-end hydraulic parts research and production base; Mass production capacity of high-pressure plunger pump/motor and high-end cylinder system has been formed. In 2016, the economic aggregate has been doubled on the basis of 2013. "heavy liquid" has become a famous brand in chongqing and enjoys a high reputation in the national and military industrial systems.

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