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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

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  Core corporate values:
  Integrity, pragmatic, careful, responsible, unity, innovation, details, efficiency
  Unity - unity is the basis for forming synergy. The key to unity is thought communication, emotion exchange and mutual help. At the same time, common values (mission, responsibility and interest) must be formed to make the team a community of responsibility and interest.
  Innovation -- innovation improves the strategic competitiveness of enterprises, is a magic weapon to cope with the great changes of The Times, the enterprise with continuous innovation is a promising enterprise.
  Detail -- "strategy decides the future, detail decides success or failure", pay attention to detail, want to go deep into broad cadre thought and action, technology, production each link must be carried out strictly according to working standard and standard. We must carry out "detail activity" seriously, build detail culture, eliminate "about the same, never mind" thought and behavior, accomplish military article gives high-quality goods, civilian article gives a brand.
  Efficiency - market economy is not necessarily a big fish to eat small fish, but must be fast fish to eat slow fish; To prevent "discussion without decision, decision without failure", on the basis of standardizing management procedures, the enterprise is to operate efficiently; We must respond quickly to market changes, work at a fast pace and be efficient. To do: "the day's things to do that day, can do things immediately, difficult things to do ideas to do, complex things to organize to do, time limit things to do in a timely manner, extra things to help do, personal things to do after work, important things priority, trivial things to do, all things seriously do. Report work to tell the result, ask for instructions to tell the plan.

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