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Subsidiary presentation

Subsidiary presentation

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Introduction to chongqing ruiou machinery co., LTD
  Chongqing ruiou machinery co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of chongqing hydraulic machinery and electricity co., ltd. of China shipbuilding heavy industry co., ltd. with one casting branch and one machining branch. Engineering and technical personnel 5, 67 employees. The company has passed ISO2000 quality system certification.
  Foundry branch is a professional foundry enterprise with production capacity of all kinds of nodular cast iron, gray cast iron, cast copper alloy and cast aluminum alloy. The factory has 2 sets of 1T intermediate frequency electric furnace, 2 sets of 0.5t intermediate frequency electric furnace, 2 sets of 180kg resistance furnace, 2 sets of 150kg intermediate frequency electric furnace, 1 production line for disappearing mold of cast iron with an annual output of 3000 tons, 1 production line for sand casting of cast iron with an annual output of 1000 tons, and 80 tons of non-ferrous metal casting (mainly metal gravity casting and centrifugal casting).
  Machine plus branch factory is a professional enterprise engaged in machining. The factory has all kinds of CNC lathes 15, drilling 4, CNC milling machine 1.
  At present, the company mainly produces 0.8mw ~2MW wind turbine yaw, propeller converter box casting and processing; Nonferrous casting mainly for various pumps, valves and other products of copper casting and processing.
Profile of chongqing ruihai heat treatment co., LTD
  Chongqing sea heat treatment co., LTD is the Chinese heavy hydraulic electric co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of chongqing, has the fixed asset 500 ten thousand yuan, mainly engaged in product parts such as heat treatment, surface treatment, paint processing, production and sales, the existing staff of 54, including 3 senior engineers, senior management personnel, three engineer 1, 5 technicians.
  The company has a heat treatment workshop, electroplating workshop, paint workshop, sandblasting workshop, workshop area of more than 3000 square meters. The company has a number of advanced vacuum furnace, deep well furnace, trolley resistance furnace, silicon rectifier power supply, titanium groove, air compressor, sandblasting machine and other equipment, has engaged in quenching, tempering, high, medium, ultra-audio induction quenching, gas nitriding, nitrogen carburizing, gas carburizing heat treatment and other means of heat treatment. It includes conventional heat treatment of all kinds of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, cast iron and other materials, quenching of protective atmosphere (medium), non-oxidation tempering, induction heat treatment of all kinds of parts, chrome-plated hair blue, paint sandblasting and other processing.

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