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About the application of pump protector in centrifugal pump

About the application of pump protector in centrifugal pump

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Cixi feinade electric appliance factory (" feinade electric appliance "for short) is a company specializing in the production and sales of motor protector, power protection relay, phase sequence relay company. Main products are: the three-phase power supply comprehensive protector, motor protector, lacks protector, open phase protector, broken phase sequence protector, three-phase with overload protector, intelligent motor protector, comprehensive microcomputer motor protector, motor protector, power protection relays, surge protector, thermostat, explosion-proof switch, explosion-proof control box, escalator synchronous rate tester, independent automotive air conditioning controller, fan stepless speed regulator, the boiler liquid level meter, etc., for the domestic each big elevator factory, power plant, factory do matching, etc
  Cixi feinade electric appliance factory (" feinade electric appliance "for short) is a company specializing in the production and sales of motor protector, power protection relay, phase sequence relay company. Main products are: the three-phase power supply comprehensive protector, motor protector, lacks protector, open phase protector, broken phase sequence protector, three-phase with overload protector, intelligent motor protector, comprehensive microcomputer motor protector, motor protector, power protection relays, surge protector, thermostat, explosion-proof switch, explosion-proof control box, escalator synchronous rate tester, independent automotive air conditioning controller, fan stepless speed regulator, the boiler liquid level meter, etc., for the domestic each big elevator factory, power plant, factory do matching, etc
  Centrifugal pump is the most widely used in a variety of hydraulic machinery, is the most closely related to our daily life and production activities to learn a machine.
  Ii. Industrial engineering
  (1) solid particle liquid transport in industrial engineering, the use of liquid to transport solid particles of the fluid machinery known as solid-liquid two-phase flow pump, also known as the impurity pump. Impurity pump is suitable for conveying all kinds of solid products, such as mine conveying tailings tailings pump, mud pump used in coal washing plant, ash pump for power station and dredge pump for river dredging, etc., has been widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, food and other industries and sewage treatment, port river dredging and other operations. In the past 10 years, solid material pipeline transportation technology has developed rapidly in mining and energy industry, and the demand of impurity pump is increasing day by day. At the same time, under the promotion of modern science and technology, the impurity pump tends to develop towards the direction of high life, high efficiency and variety. At present, there are three main types of impurity pumps used in various industries in the world: centrifugal pump, isolation pump and diaphragm pump, centrifugal impurity pump accounts for the majority. Centrifugal impurity pump is divided into sewage pump, gear pump, mud pump, sand pump, dredging pump and gravel pump, etc. There are several special centrifugal impurities pumps.
  The pump features:
  1)No packing seal and other shaft seal device, also do not need pressure water shaft seal, the medium being transported will not be diluted. No frequent maintenance and power loss caused by wear and tear of shaft seal device;
  2)The material inlet is opened vertically upward, and there will be no air blockage or cavitation in the process of operation. It is suitable for frequent changes of working flow rate in the maximum range, and it can run idling.
  3)The reflux clearance between impeller and cover plate can be adjusted externally;
  4)Simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance.
  (2)Petroleum and chemical industries
  1Centrifugal pumps in the petroleum industry
  Electric submersible oil centrifugal pump is widely used in a rodless pumping equipment, the motor and centrifugal pump down to the underground and connected with tubing, motor and ground power supply through cable connection, its downhole unit consists of multi-stage centrifugal pump, protector and submersible motor. Electric submersible centrifugal pump is especially suitable for pumping oil with large displacement in middle and late stage of oilfield waterflood development. With the continuous deepening of oil well exploitation, the oil and gas content in the oil well gradually decreases. High power, high pressure and high flow centrifugal pump (multistage centrifugal pump or high speed centrifugal pump) is the key equipment for water injection.
  After extraction of oil and gas to the ground, through collection and measurement to gathering station, after a preliminary separation of oil and gas, and heat transfer to the joint station separation, dehydration, crude oil stability, sewage after sedimentation, filtration, gas light oil, dehydrated, and finally into crude oil, natural gas, purify water and light oil four kinds of qualified products, and then after the separation of oil and gas directly to the refinery or through the pipeline to use the unit. Centrifugal pump plays the role of conveying liquid in the gathering and transportation process, which is indispensable in the gathering and transportation process.
  Our products are mainly for domestic customers: Shanghai Volkswagen, foxconn group, mitsubishi group, suzuki group, tianjin crane, general electric, exported to Europe and Taiwan, Japan, southeast Asia and other countries.
  Founded in 1992, cixi city is located in the north of the city, beautiful scenery of hangzhou bay, east from lishe international airport 60 km, beilun port port 40 km, from the railway freight station 5 km, 329 national road across cixi city, Shanghai, hangzhou, ningbo expressway connected, the traffic is very convenient. The company covers an area of 45000 ㎡, the total assets of 85 million yuan, the staff 1200 people, research and development team, more than 60 people, bachelor degree and above r&d staff of 25 people, engineers and technical personnel more than 30 people, the test team more than 50 people, dominated by industrial electrical, r&d, manufacturing, trade, services, and other functions in the integration of science and technology enterprises, in single-chip development and embedded software has a professional technical team and more than 10 years of development experience, good at microcontroller technology in industrial control, power electronics, automotive electronics and other fields of application.
  The company has passed iso9001:2000 quality system certification, some products through the eu CE certification,ROHS certification. By the end of 2008, 15 patents had been applied, including 6 invention patents. Having 2 software copyright registrations.

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