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Pump another $60 billion into the Treasury next week
To cope with liquidity constraints, mainland regulators have injected capital into the market through multiple channels. The ministry of finance announced yesterday that it would conduct a three-month cash deposit operation with the central Treasury on Tuesday. It was also reported that the central bank yesterday provided up to rmb50bn in financial support to Banks including bank of China, China development bank and industrial bank through the short-term liquidity adjustment facility (SLO).
Southern pump industry: seawater desalination pump ranks first in China
Southern pump industry (300145) on Monday said the panorama network interactive platform, the company can produce the biggest in domestic high pressure pump, and most complete product series, marks the company has the current domestic seawater pump is the highest form of research and development of production technology, will for the company development and occupation of the domestic high quality seawater pump market to lay a solid foundation, to bring more competitive advantages for the company and brand awareness.
About the application of pump protector in centrifugal pump
Cixi feinade electric appliance factory (" feinade electric appliance "for short) is a company specializing in the production and sales of motor protector, power protection relay, phase sequence relay company. Main products are: the three-phase power supply comprehensive protector, motor protector, lacks protector, open phase protector, broken phase sequence protector, three-phase with overload protector, intelligent motor protector, comprehensive microcomputer motor protector, motor protector, power protection relays, surge protector, thermostat, explosion-proof switch, explosion-proof control box, escalator synchronous rate tester, independent automotive air conditioning controller, fan stepless speed regulator, the boiler liquid level meter, etc., for the domestic each big elevator factory, power plant, factory do matching, etc
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News and information