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Heavy liquid company all party members, the majority of employees actively watch the CCTV "model of The Times" released
On September 14, the "model of The Times" launch ceremony was held in CCTV, and the company's party committee actively organized all party members and employees to watch the launch ceremony.
Chairman hu wenming went to the company to investigate
August 23, the company chairman, party secretary hu asked, deputy general manager jian-ping qian line of research to the company, the company chairman, party secretary li jie report to hu asked wong, chairman of the company production and operation situation and situation of industrial development and market development, the company in war industry, new energy, high-end hydraulic parts, intelligent manufacturing and auto parts industry and so on five big industries reported on the breakthrough, and field investigation for accompanied hu asked wong, chairman of the phoenix plant construction.
Party secretary of 704 research institute xu bin and his delegation visited the company
On April 19, 704 research institute party secretary xu bin, deputy director li jianming and their party members went to each workshop of the company for on-site investigation and investigation to understand the construction of the company's products. Party secretary, chairman li jie and deputy general manager lu bin accompanied the investigation and investigation.
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