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Utility power launched a new Marine hydraulic drive products

Utility power launched a new Marine hydraulic drive products

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At the 11th China dalian international maritime exhibition held a few days ago, utility power group (China) industry co., ltd. introduced two new hydraulic products, namely, integrated electro-hydraulic drive and combined multi-channel hydraulic power unit, for the Chinese shipbuilding industry.
  At the 11th China dalian international maritime exhibition held a few days ago, utility power group (China) industry co., ltd. introduced two new hydraulic products, namely, integrated electro-hydraulic drive and combined multi-channel hydraulic power unit, for the Chinese shipbuilding industry.
  It is understood that the integrated electro-hydraulic drive is powered by ac or dc motor. By driving the hydraulic pump and cylinder to output the driving force of linear motion, the motor steering realizes the two functions of pushing and pulling back. The driving force is 2.5-165 kn. The combined multiplex hydraulic power unit is powered by an ac motor, while the dc motor drives, backup pumps, and hand pumps are used as emergency systems. When the motor as the main power, the motor steering to change the direction of hydraulic fluid, manual by the hand pump on the reversing valve control hydraulic fluid direction. These two new Marine hydraulic drive products adopt modular design, motor, pump valve, cylinder and tank are integrated into one, all parts are used in high reliability, high standard parts processing and assembly technology. Utility power China said the two products, which are mainly derived from the open and close system of the roof of high-end convertible cars, have reliable performance and can meet the maintenance free requirements within 10 years.
  According to the introduction, at the end of 2012, integrated electro-hydraulic drive and combined multi-channel hydraulic power unit began to enter the Chinese market. In May 2013, it was first selected by wuxi dongzhou Marine accessories co., LTD. According to the introduction of wu haiba, technical director of watertight door products of dongzhou ship accessories company, these two types of products are small in size and do not require any pipeline installation by the shipyard. Debugging and installation are convenient and fast, which reduces the maintenance cost of the shipyard and the owner. After using these two types of products, the company's watertight door installation and debugging time from the past three or four days shortened to the present one or two days, each watertight door required hydraulic oil from the previous 100 rise and fall to the present 2-3 liters, and no hydraulic oil leakage phenomenon. At present, dongzhou Marine accessories co., ltd. has obtained relevant national patents for hydraulic sliding watertight doors and hydraulic hinge watertight doors with integrated electro-hydraulic actuators. It was unanimously recognized by Chinese and foreign shipowners at 2013 China international maritime technical conference and exhibition, 2014 Singapore maritime exhibition and Germany Hamburg maritime exhibition.
  Hydraulic parts are the core parts of deck machinery, doors, Windows and other ship outfitting parts. The domestic deck machinery and other supporting products of ships are often difficult to be selected by many overseas users due to the lack of a more complete global after-sales service network in the core components. Wu haiba believes that for China's shipbuilding industry, practical power (China) company launched these two types of products, not only help improve the technical level of watertight doors, Windows and other products, but also help domestic ship parts products to the overseas market. Utility power (China), he said, is the parent company of New York stock exchange in the United States practical power group, the group is a comprehensive multinational group, operates in more than 30 countries around the world, have relatively perfect global service network, enough to assume its global subsidiaries in China products after-sales service.

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