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Southern pump industry: seawater desalination pump ranks first in China

Southern pump industry: seawater desalination pump ranks first in China

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Southern pump industry (300145) on Monday said the panorama network interactive platform, the company can produce the biggest in domestic high pressure pump, and most complete product series, marks the company has the current domestic seawater pump is the highest form of research and development of production technology, will for the company development and occupation of the domestic high quality seawater pump market to lay a solid foundation, to bring more competitive advantages for the company and brand awareness.
  Southern pump industry (300145) on Monday said the panorama network interactive platform, the company can produce the biggest in domestic high pressure pump, and most complete product series, marks the company has the current domestic seawater pump is the highest form of research and development of production technology, will for the company development and occupation of the domestic high quality seawater pump market to lay a solid foundation, to bring more competitive advantages for the company and brand awareness.
  According to research report of changjiang securities, the pump industry has a huge space and low concentration, and the company has three main ways to achieve rapid expansion: new product research and development to expand into new application fields, channel construction to expand market coverage, and enhance product competitiveness. Its sales and service network, cost-effective products and other competitive advantages are difficult to replicate, high growth certainty, the next two years pump products are expected to maintain 30% or more growth.
  New application areas continue to expand: the net pump, industrial pump, sewage pump three categories of product chain has been completed, including the newly developed middle open pump, TD pump, end suction pump and other products sales volume rapidly, gradually play the scale effect; In the future, it will also enter the market fields with prospects such as seawater desalination pump and fire pump.

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